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Locally Sourced: Sweet, Sauerkraut

Inside the kitchen of a red, converted warehouse in Humboldt Avenue, two figures stand each with a wooden citrus reamer and a grapefruit in their gloved-hands, squeezing the fruit’s pinkish pulpy juice into a shiny aluminum bowl. It’s not glamorous work, more tedious than anything else, but it’s the kind of work Carlos Gonzales prefers.
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Adoption Choices of Northern California Founder: "I've Never Met A Birth Mom That Didn't Care"

When Marikathryn Hendrix was 23 her life was a mess. She and her husband were separated and divorce was looming: she had been juggling raising her child, going to school and working. So, like many women who find themselves contemplating adoption, Hendrix had a difficult choice to make. "And I really had to think about what was going to be best for both of my kids — the one that wasn't born yet, and the one I was raising," she said.
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Locally Sourced: New Chico restaurant offers ancient cuisine with modern spin

In a mixer fitted with a dough hook, add water and yeast mixture and dry ingredients. Mix on low speed until dough pulls off of the bowl. Continue mixing for 5-7 minutes until dough is soft, tacky and gluten window is achieved. Keep in warm place and allow to double in size, approximately 20 minutes.
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Locally Sourced: Chico Chai a brewing success

Add Loose Leaf Red Chico Chai, reduce to a simmer and cover for 20 minutes. Using a kitchen strainer or cheesecloth, strain the liquid into another pot. Add the sugar and molasses and stir with a whisk until completely dissolved. Pour into a mug, top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon.
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Locally Sourced: No utensils necessary for Inday’s Filipino Food

Chico >> There are no spoons and forks at Inday’s Filipino Food. There aren’t even plates. Visitors have to eat with their hands, or Kamayan-style. It’s a foreign concept for many around here, but that’s the point, says co-owner Ethel (née Cabahit) Geiger, affectionally called “Inday.”. “At first, I had to teach people: flatten your rice, scoop this, put it on top, make a little bowl with your fingers, and shovel it in,” Inday said gesturing the proper technique to eating with your hands.
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Locally Sourced: Baking is a science for Tin Roof

The bread-making process is complex, finicky and weird, if you believe Tin Roof Bakery and Cafe’s 28-year-old general manager and head baker Jordan Vogel. “You’re taking something that’s dead, adding life to it, then killing it again, and then giving it back to somebody,” Vogel said. “And that becomes a part of them.”.
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Year Of The Goat: Chico's Butcher Shop 2015

Slow Theatre hosted the annual outdoor festival The Butcher Shop over the Labor Day weekend, showcasing original performance art from the Chico community.
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Starving Student: Vow to hunt down shawarma materializes at Petra's

When humanity's future was on the brink of annihilation, a genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist looked death in the eyes, refused and repelled a formidable alien force. After he fell from the sky, his damaged heart only seconds recovered from the fall, he only desired one thing: shawarma. After Joss Whedon's opus came to a close and the second post-credits scene rolled, I took a solemn vow to hunt down this culinary enigma and claim it for myself.
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Tercius Bufete

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