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Tercius Bufete

Multimedia journalist with an obsession with alternative storytelling.


Adoption Choices of Northern California Founder: "I've Never Met A Birth Mom That Didn't Care"

When Marikathryn Hendrix was 23 her life was a mess. She and her husband were separated and divorce was looming: she had been juggling raising her child, going to school and working. So, like many women who find themselves contemplating adoption, Hendrix had a difficult choice to make. "And I really had to think about what was going to be best for both of my kids — the one that wasn't born yet, and the one I was raising," she said.
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Year Of The Goat: Chico's Butcher Shop 2015

Slow Theatre hosted the annual outdoor festival The Butcher Shop over the Labor Day weekend, showcasing original performance art from the Chico community.
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Fun At The Fair: Chico's Silver Dollar Fair In Photos

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Tercius Bufete

A graduate from California State University, Chico, he majored in Journalism and completed a photography minor. He designs newspapers for NorCal Design Center, contributes to North State Public Radio and a part-time features writer for the ChicoER.



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